Adventures of a Curly Girl

What shall she get up to today?

Yessss…..It’s Friday!!!

So it’s Friday…..Friday, Friday, Friday!   Woo hoo, right?  Do you feel like this today?

I do too!  Well, sort of.  I really want to blow off doing any sort of real work and do nothing, but knit and watch movies.  I can’t do that though cause I have work to do.  I just launched a new ad campaign with a new agency and I need to keep an eye on it to see how it performs.

I also need to find some information on editing HTML (yes, I am still shaking my fist about HTML).  My fiance says it’s not that difficult, but then again, he is the computer whisperer and went to school for that sort of thing.  Me, not so much. I’m a retired microbiologist, remember? One day I will have to tell you the story of how I retired from the lab at 40!

My fiance, the Computer Whisperer

Anyway…so I’m here at my computer writing a blog instead because I really don’t want to look up HTML stuff cause it confuses me, and checking my metrics for the day.   I know it sounds crazy, but since I started this adventure in affiliate marketing, I’m really enjoying myself.

Unlike Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing is such a breeze!  I don’t have to talk to a million people and try to convince them to purchase from me or join my opportunity.  I don’t have to spend a minimum per month to stay commission eligible.  It’s great!  OH and I’ve made money!!!  Yep, in just a few weeks, I have made money by promoting other people’s products.  Not heaps of money yet, but I have made money.  It is awesome!

Now I still believe in Network Marketing, but to do Network Marketing right without burning a lot of people by making huge income promises and having to chase your friends and family, you have to talk to a lot of people, make friends with them and then maybe they will join you and your opportunity. I stress the ‘maybe’ part, because most of the people I made friends with were already in another company and were happy.  To be honest, I never had much success with it even when I was working it full time.  My business never even paid for my products per month which was a bit disappointing.

That’s how I ended up doing affiliate marketing. I was tired of spending all of my time looking for people and promoting a free product to find said people. Now I market and represent real products and companies such as BestBuy and PetSmart to name a few and I’m having fun!  Oh and I’m making money too….

If you’re interested in learning more about Affiliate Marketing, check out ClickBank! It’s free to join and there are heaps of products you can represent.  That’s where I got started and where I made my first money online.

So Happy Friday everyone!

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