Adventures of a Curly Girl

What shall she get up to today?

Yes, I Crack Myself Up

Sometimes I crack myself up.  Really.

I can sit here and start working on a project and cannot help myself, but start laughing my ass off.  Doesn’t matter what the project is either.  Sometimes it’s a script. Other times, it’s my journal. When I stay in a state of flow,   It doesn’t matter what I am working on exactly, but I cannot stop chuckling to myself.

Good thing I work from home. Just imagine what would happen if I was still working in the lab or an office, constantly bursting into random fits of the giggles. Oh, yeah, that’s already happened.

Anyway….I haven’t written here in a while.  So sorry for that…nah, I’m not sorry.  My life has been busy.  Fun, full of laughter and busy and I love it.  I absolutely love my life right now even though there are challenges and some days I have no idea what in the fuck I am doing.

So this is what I’ve been up to. I had my directorial debut a few weeks ago.  I worked on the 48 Hour Film Project and our film made it into the Best Of grouping.  I also wrote, directed, shot and edited a home movie “movie” for a few friends’ granddaughter.  Life has been good. Busy, but good.  Really good.  I guess that’s why I can’t stop laughing all the time.

And well…I’m not going to either. I have more projects to work on, so many in fact that the biggest challenge in my life right now is picking which project to pour myself into and focus on.  It’s awesome.

So…that’s where the curly girl has been.  Writing, making movies, living, and laughing.


What have you been up to?