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Rant Blog: Those Bastards!

Those Bastards!!!

It’s not often that I go there, but um, I had to!

Rant Blog, coming right up!!

They took the wind outta my sails!  Those Bastards!

So I signed up for a Reddit Account to help my business. I didn’t read their terms and conditions and after 2 days, I got myself shadow banned.  I could see myself, but no one else could.

How lame!

Here’s the deal with Reddit.  You can promote content on Reddit, but 10% or less can be from self promotion, like your blog, videos, etc…

SO if you are using Reddit for your business, BEWARE!

I got shadow banned and I had just started using it! Now I’m not even sure I want to use it at all.

I guess time will tell.

Rant over.


SO I got a new account and posted ONE article which wasn’t even mine and they banned me again!  Fu** you, Reddit. I hope they shut you down.  Seriously! Nothing but a bunch of mean bullies on that site!!