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Episode 2: Home Again

Home Again!


Renee and Betty are home again and  I couldn’t be more happy.  Granted, having him gone and on the road all of the time makes my life here at headquarters (aka our house) lonely at times, I must say that I love the reunions.  I get really excited and it makes him being gone that much easier to deal with.

Life is good!


It really is!  In my past, I was with someone who was gone for 6 months at a time.  Those days were long and lonely. I rarely got to talk to him.  With Renee, times have changed and  when we are apart it’s easy.  Super duper easy and kind of fun. Renee leaves and within the hour, I can call him and talk to him all day if I want. I couldn’t do that before with my ex-husband.


Anyway…So what you choose to deal with and how you choose to deal with it makes all the difference in handling your life. I could mope around the house when he has to leave or cry myself to sleep and be a total whiner about it. I choose not to do that cause lamenting my woes about him being gone isn’t going to do anyone any good.


Instead, I choose to be happy that my boyfriend has a job that pays the bills. His expertise as a driver makes me proud of him.  When he leaves, I use the time to work on various projects, be them our own or ones for our production company, Risa Tortuga. Sitting around being sad just isn’t an option.


Lately, Renee has been saying that being on the road is easier for him this time because he has me to look forward to when he gets back.  I’ll let him tell his side of the story later.


Here’s our latest video.  In this episode, Renee and Betty come home and we have a happy little reunion!


Renee Comes Home



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