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Our First Episode: What’s a Pre-Trip?


What’s a Pre-trip?  Doesn’t that sound like something you should do before you get on a plane, trip over your own feet or light up a bong?  I swear, this blog isn’t about that sort of pre-trip.

Ha ha ha……


Sooo…….Renee and I have been talking and planning on doing something like this for a while. We just didn’t know how it was going to manifest itself.  It’s funny how things work out even though it may not seem like they will at the time.


Now as I mentioned in my last post, he’s on the road quite a bit these days and I’m planning on going with him in the very very near future!   I had to get out of some other obligations which amazingly sorted themselves out with quite a bit of ease.  (Thank you, Universe!)


As a result, we’ve been shooting some videos and having ourselves quite a good time.  The best part is that now I’m free until some of my contracts come in, I can get these episodes edited and posted.


Yay!!! Yay!!


So without further adieu, here’s our first episode of 18 Wheels of Wisdom!

What’s a Pre-trip?



We are planning to shoot more while he’s home and while I’m on the road with him so stay tuned.


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