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Fu** it.

Sometimes you gotta just go with your heart. Now I want to get and finish my masters. Of that part I am certain. Dealing with and coping with the program I am in and soon to be out of, was…
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Sometimes when I’m cruising around in my car I find little bits of wisdom stuck to the back of some unsuspecting vehicle. Today while driving home from my first real day at my school, I read one of these bits:…
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No Fear

The last week has been an interesting one for sure. On Thursday, my neighbor and one of my best friends died from cirrhosis of the liver. She was an alcoholic and well, this is how they die sometimes. It was…
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My first week of graduate school is nearing to an end and for some reason, I need to reflect on it. The classes aren’t hard, per se, but they are unlike any classes I have ever taken in my entire…
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