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What Do My Dreams Have to Do With Vogue?

So what do my dreams have to do with Vogue?  It all started with a dream.

I woke up this morning dreaming about an old boss of mine.  He was the first in a long string of incompetent and awful bosses over the years that I had the displeasure of knowing in my previous career.  In my dream, I worked at a magazine and this particular boss was apologizing to me. Apologizing for overlooking my ideas and ignoring me.

According to Freud and his interpretation of dreams, I must have some deep subconscious conflict about that boss that I’ve never dealt with.  I’ll buy that theory because I hate having a boss.  In fact, I’ve hated most of my bosses from my previous career.

But why now?  Why dream about it now?

Last night, I watched a very strange movie called “September” about the magazine Vogue and their infamous September issue.  In the movie, you get to see what goes on behind closed doors to get that issue which was very eye opening to me.  I have a real love/hate for the fashion industry. I think that some of the clothing is beautiful, some of it ugly, but hate how  the industry treats or rather ignores everyday women like myself. We don’t exist to them because we don’t fit some standard of beauty…but anyway..

What I think trigger this dream was Anna Wintour.  The way she manages and treats her employees really bothered me. I get that she is in charge, but that’s no way to treat your staff in my opinion.  People in management positions need to remember that the best way to motivate their workers is not by cutting down everything they do.  I’ve always had an issue with  managers, bosses, and people in charge because of the way they treated not just me, but my co-workers as well.

Now I work from home and I am my own boss and I am thankful for that.  And I forgive all of my old horrible bosses, wherever they may be.