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Call Me Lucky

Call me Lucky


So my life didn’t used to be like this. Really.

I woke up this morning feeling so amazing.  Blessed. Loved. Lucky.

You can call me lucky!

Now how in the hell did my life get to be so good?

Change, my friends.  Change.


Before my life changed, I had to change. Coming back to Albuquerque after 4 of the most personally challenging years I have ever had was no easy feat. Feelings of defeat and disappointment were my constant companions because I felt I had utterly failed.  My career in the lab was over and I was glad, relieved even, because I had never really liked it, but had no idea how to get out of it.

Once I had accepted my life exactly as it was at the time, I had to work on clearing up my horrific negative thoughts and beliefs, and forgiving everything and everybody in my past, including myself.  I created a plan for my life that included all of my big dreams.  You know, the really scary ones that you never tell a soul because you’re too afraid of ridicule and discouragement?

So  I changed. I did the work everyday. Journaling, art therapy, decluttering. You name it, I’ve done it and now I still do that stuff nearly everyday.

Now I wake up everyday happy.  Not kind of happy, but really happy. No matter what happens to me, good or bad, I feel good everyday.

Sounds crazy, huh?

But it’s my reality and I love it.  I love my life. I’m finally doing what I have always wanted to do with my life, make movies.

In less than 6 months, I have written and directed my first film. I’ve also written countless other scripts too and I cannot stop.  3 months ago, I created  my own production company, Risa Tortuga Productions and look forward to taking a even bigger step into producing bigger and the most awesome movies.  I am surrounded by people who not only accept my personal brand of creative crazy, but encourage it and are sometimes just as loony as I am.  Everytime I go anywhere, I meet people that give me ideas for projects which we may or may not collaborate on.  I seriously wake up everyday and cannot wait to get to  ‘work’ because my work, it’s not work. It’s fun and joyful, full of laughter and doesn’t feel like work at all.

And it’s soooo good.  I am thankful and happy.

You can call me lucky.