Adventures of a Curly Girl

What shall she get up to today?

Just Enough For Trouble

Have you ever heard the phrase “She’s knows just enough to get into trouble?”

Well that’s me today!  Yay!  Go ME!

So what am I talking about?  Well, over here in the Curly Girl universe, I’ve been working on changing and upgrading websites.  First I had one, then two and now….don’t ask.  I’m having fun, learning and I’m happy!

Now I know, you are probably saying, “Now why on earth would you want to do that? Your websites are sooo awesome and we love them!”

The reason behind the why isn’t as important as the trouble which it turns out isn’t really trouble at all.

Last week I went through the trouble of having one of my hosted sites moved to another site so everyone could be together.  Then they had to move the website files.  Yay, they did this. NOT ME! (Don’t ask me to explain how it works cause to me it’s still freaking magic!)

So the old site Let’s Juice It! (one of my many sites and blogs) was now moved and I could start writing my blogs about juicing again….Right?

Well, I wanted to write a blog on that site today, but I couldn’t figure out how to freaking to since its move soo I did the most rational and logical thing I could think of  because I was going to eventually build a whole new site for it with WordPress (in the far future).

So what did I do?  Well I decided to just install WordPress and maybe figure how how to build one site with the other one there..   Yes, I know enough to know that I don’t know enough and I did it anyway in a big burst of ignorant glory!  Woo hoo!

Then there was a moment of silence….and a deep GASP!

First of all, the site was acting weird and I couldn’t get WordPress to load.  (That was the first sign of problem)  Then I went to check on the old site and most of it was there, but all of the previous blogs were missing and OMG  I had a WHAT THE FUKAKTA DID YOU DO?  moment.

Ha ha ha…..

Well, it’s all good now….I think.  The site is working and it’s on WordPress now which makes me giggle and snort…but I have to rebuild it.

Just like the Six Million Dollar Man!

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster.”