Adventures of a Curly Girl

What shall she get up to today?

It’s Time to Say Goodbye

I’m sorry, but it’s time to say goodbye. It’s time for us to break up and for you to leave.  You’ve made my life difficult enough and I do not like you. I am ashamed of you and I hate how you make me feel about myself.  It’s time you leave.  I’m serious this time.

Today I am having a wake for the fat on my body because tomorrow I am starting a juice fast.  A successful juice fast.  I know, I know. I’ve said this before time and time again and I’ve started time and time again and quit time and time again.  It’s getting a bit old, don’t you think?  I know I am tired of starting a juice fast and then quitting before I even really get started and enjoy the benefits of it.

So why now and why the hell am I making such a big deal about it now?  Well, in the last few months since I did the juice feast, I have not been feeling well.  My sleeping patterns are all off.  I feel bloated and puffy all the time.  I don’t know about you, but I dislike feeling so bloated and puffy.  Also, I can’t fit into any of my clothes, even my fat clothes, which is super embarrassing and sad.  I don’t like going out in public because of my weight and the looks I get from people. I’m also worried about my health.  Overall, I am worried about my health. It’s time to reclaim it.

You know, my life and my body wasn’t always like this.  I used to be a healthy weight.  Hell, I was even a fitness instructor once!  ahh….the good old days.  Now I am ashamed that I’ve allowed my weight to get this out of control….AGAIN.  SOOO… I am having a wake for my fat.

Tomorrow I start a juice fast to reclaim my health and heal my body.  Woo hoo!

I’m going to document this fast like I did the juice feast on my other blog  Let’s Juice It!