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I’m Well on My Way…

Woo hoo hoo!  I’m well on my way!

To where, you ask?  To financial freedom!!!  Woo hoo!!

See, today I got my FIRST paycheck from Clickbank.  I know, you’re probably asking yourself “What is Clickbank and why does it matter?”.

Well it matters because just about a month ago I discovered Affiliate Marketing because I was working on a contract that I was not happy with.  When I’m not happy with situations or jobs or most anything, I tend to start seeking my escape.

So back to the story.  During my little crisis, I stumbled on the concept of promoting other people’s products for commission and I got so turned on by it that I literally did just that. I signed up for Clickbank and a few other affiliate marketing sites (these are ALL free to join, mind you!  If they want you to pay to join, it’s probably a network marketing company trying to disguise itself as an affiliate marketing program) and I started promoting other people’s products.  In fact, I actually sold some products through my efforts which I thought was (and still is) very cool!  Oh and did I mention that I got PAID?  Yes, I got paid and I am super happy! It’s such a wonderful thing.

See, I wasn’t happy with my network marketing business.  I had not really been happy or excited about network marketing in a long time (yes, I was in denial) and I was looking for a way to make money from home that didn’t involve having to talk to a lot of people everyday, make friends with them and then hope and pray that they would join my ‘opportunity’, stay active, and build their own business. 

For those of you that don’t know this about network marketing, the truth is that bringing people onto your team is the main way to make money. It doesn’t matter what the compensation plan is or the buy in. It doesn’t matter what product you are selling. If you cannot recruit heaps and heaps of people successfully and consistently and keep them in your organization, you are sunk. It’s that plain and simple. 

Another hard truth (one of the ones that no network marketer likes to admit) and the main reason why most network marketers are always begging and pleading with everyone to check out their opportunity and join because they aren’t making any money. 99% of the network marketers you meet are not making money. Most of them will tell you stories about this so-and-so guru mastermind in their upline that is making 20k a month, but if you ask them about their income, they go dead quiet. Truth is they are not making money.

Now most of them are really awesome people and I can’t fault them for being this way because they really are trying their best and just want to make some money because they’ve probably spent (and still spend) so much money per month to stay active and commission qualified.  Don’t believe me, ask one. For now, I’ll just leave it at that. One day I’ll tell you my network marketing story.  (It’s a really long one!)

Anyway…I stumbled on Affiliate Marketing and I was sold!  No more autoship.  No more monthly minimums.  No fees. No more terms and conditions.  No more commission schedule. No more upline or downline!  No more recruiting! Yay!!! It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven!

And the best part is I get to represent and promote products that I like, use and want to buy!  Oh, and I’ve made money. Yes. I’ve made money and I will make heaps more! That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.  The sky is the limit and I am no longer bound by one company or product!

I am well on my way!