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I Got F’d! 14 Reasons Getting Fired Can Be the Best Thing To Happen to You

Yes, it’s true.  I got f’d…but it’s probably not what you were thinking (feel free to pick your mind out of the gutter now..ha ha ha!)  I got fired.

It’s happened to me three times in my career.  Three times and I’ll never forget each one. Now while it might have seemed like getting fired was a tragedy at the time, in all three instances, being fired was the best thing to happen to me in the long run.

I got fired

14 reasons why getting fired can be the best thing to ever happen to you:

1. Gives you freedom to pursue other things in your life….like naps.  First time I was fired, I re-tiled an entire bathroom and took a lot of naps. It was heaven

2. Gives you a good and valid reason to be pissed off and angry and sad and hurt, all of them at the same time if you want!  No one will question your anger or sadness either cause you’ve been fired.

3. No dress code.  You can wear what you want everyday of the week which in itself is a kind of freedom. (For us ladies, this is even more awesome in that we don’t have to wear high heels, pantyhose, or bras unless we want!)

4. People like friends and family and even sometimes strangers will give you free stuff like food and cool stuff like movie tickets, gift cards and what not. I love free stuff, don’t you?

5. Gives you some needed time off without permission (and naps!). This one is self explanatory.

6. Forces you to take a good hard look at yourself and career. When you’ve been fired, it’s a good time figure out what your part in getting fired was (if it even was your fault).  Maybe you made mistakes or your co-workers were sabotaging you.  Maybe you didn’t like your co-workers.  Maybe you were hired for one thing, but they expected something else from you. Maybe you boss didn’t like you or maybe they were downsizing.  Maybe you were more skilled or fun or happy or whatever….. For me, I valued this time because it helped me with the next item on this list.

7. Helps you to grow as a person (once you are over being pissed off, angry, sad and hurt). I was always stronger and more self assured when I got that next job after being fired.

8. You can finally talk shit about your old boss/co-workers ( Unless you are interviewing for a job .  Note:  Don’t do that unless you are trying to bomb a job interview).  Best part is that people will always agree with you about your previous boss/co-workers too cause you’ve been fired.

9. It helps you find and be open to new opportunities in your field or other fields. When I got fired, I started looking at other fields and job opportunities  that were not related to my field of study or skills that I wouldn’t necessarily look at while I was still working. I ended up working in sales and as an adjunct professor as a result.

10. You can focus and get excited about your future without external influence. Getting excited is always fun and you deserve to have fun and be excited in your life even if you’ve been fired.  Like that cheesy 80’s song, after being fired, your future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades (even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time).

11. You finally have time to start that business you’ve always wanted. See, now that you have been fired, you finally have the time to start a business.  I ended up becoming a freelance writer and starting a business as a result of being fired.  You can too.

12. You can pursue your  hobbies with passion. Just like with starting a business, you also now have time to pursue your hobbies, maybe take a class or two to learn whatever it is you’ve always put off because of work.  This is a good thing.

13. Makes you take a good look at your finances and money situation. When you lose a job and have lost that steady paycheck is a great time to evaluate all of your spending and cut costs if you can.  First time I ever made and kept a budget was after I got fired.

14. Makes you laugh ….eventually. Once you are over being hurt and angry, you’ll find that getting fired is kind of funny and after time, you’ll find something about it to laugh at.