Adventures of a Curly Girl

What shall she get up to today?

I Can Smell It From Here

I can smell it from here and it stinks. It always does at this point when it’s been a few days and the cats, all five of them, have been going about their business as they usually do here in the lovely abode we call home right now.  The back door is open to let in a breeze which is lovely until that aroma begins to swirl about and permeate everything in the house.

Yes, it’s time to clean the litter box again.  You’d think that after 40 some years of living with cats that I would get used to this little ritual and get off my ass as soon as I start to smell that smell that can only be emanating from said box.

Of course, that’s not what happens. I wait and wait until the smell is unbearable or one of said lovely furbabies has gone and wee’d on something like my pillow or a pair of shoes.  (Thankfully that only happens about once or twice a year) You’d think I learn and get off my ass and clean, but no…after all of these years, I still put it off.

So what does cleaning the cat box have to do with anything?  Well life is like that, wouldn’t you say?  We all have things that we don’t like to do (for me, it’s cleaning the litter box), so we put it off until we absolutely have to deal with it.  Maybe it’s paying bills or mowing the lawn.  It really doesn’t matter what the ‘thing’ is, the point is that we put it off and procrastinate and make a bigger deal about it than we need to.

The point here is this though: these things need to get done.  Period. Without kvetching and whining and procrastinating and purposeful distraction.

I’ve been noticing that cleaning the litter box is akin to so many things in life.  Lately, my list consists of finishing/fixing my websites, writing blogs and marketing.  I hate marketing.  It’s my ‘litter box’ of my business.  Seriously. Actually, I think I’d rather clean the real litter box than deal with marketing.

So I’m making a list and committing to getting things done for my business and in other areas, starting with cleaning that actual litter box even though it stinks and I’d rather put it off for another day.

What are you doing today?