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Happy Mother’s Day and Technology

Ahhh…technology! It’s fun, it’s shiny and it’s even entertaining when you put some of it in the hands of my dear 70 year old mother.  Happy Mother’s Day, mom!

Yesterday I called my mom because it was Mother’s Day and I wanted to wish her a Happy Mothers Day, tell her I love her and catch up with her on the latest happenings in her and my father’s life.  First thing she says to me is this “I got a new phone”.

I had to stifle my laughter because the last time she got a new phone was 4 years ago and headed to the airport to visit me in Boston.  When she got here, she had barely figured out how to answer a call and forget about texting or dialing out.

Anyway..she got a new phone.  An I-phone.  She then spent the next 10 minutes telling me all about the cord and the charger and that she hadn’t quite figured it out, but she is now determined to learn how to use it.  I gotta love that about her.  70 years old and still learning (one day I’ll tell you the story about my mom and email)

So I asked her if she wanted to try facetime.  She said, “What is that?”  I said, just hit the GREEN bubble when you get the request.  She said, “Ok I can do that!”

Within seconds, we were talking face-to-face over the phone through facetime. It was a fun time with her trying to figure out where to hold the phone so that wasn’t looking directly either into her mouth or up her nose.  It was really cool! I’m also really proud of my mom for embracing it even though I know it somewhat frustrates her at times (she’s an artist and once left a brand new phone and a tablet in her dresser for months cause she just couldn’t be bothered with it).

So Happy Mother’s Day and technology! I love you!