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Dreaming of Fine Leather Furniture

I have this habit of sleeping on my couch which is fine because I live alone, but I really gotta stop that.  Not that I don’t like my couch.  My couch is awesome, just a little old and worn out.  I swear when I move I am getting new couch.  Maybe I’ll get a fine leather couch or maybe one of those sectionals with a chaise lounge.

I love chaise lounges. They are just so cool, aren’t they?  They always remind me of those old movies where the starlet of the film after a hard day on set would lounge back on her chaise in a fluffy white robe and her hair in a towel whilst applying some sort of fancy cream to her face and elbows.  Why were they always putting stuff on their elbows in those old movies, I’ll never know.  They do, though and always while chilling out one some fancy dancy chaise lounge.  You gotta respect that

Another thing you always see in those old movies are those funky wingback chairs.  They are always leather too.  I wonder if there is some secret outpost for leather wingback chairs.  Growing up in New Mexico, no one had chairs like that in their houses, but you always see them in the movies.  Here is one of the more famous ones that come to mind from the Matrix.

A Fine Leather Wingback Chair

So that’s what’s on my mind this morning:  Fine leather furniture.  Check out these sofas: Club Furniture’s Leather Sofas.  They have some lovely furniture.