Adventures of a Curly Girl

What shall she get up to today?

Do I Laugh or Cry?

Oye! I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry at this point so I’m going to choose laughter because that seems to be just the way my day is going.

So if you read my post yesterday about losing an entire website and having to rebuild it, you know that I was feeling generally frustrated and humored at the whole situation.

Then it happened again…..It did.  I swear.  With another website.  Because of my blissful ignorance.  Ha ha…

My main site, was originally built on Weebly.  It was a nice site, but I didn’t like that it was so limited in what I could do with it so about a month ago, I decided to take a stab at building a WordPress site.  And I did.  I built the most awesome site!!

BUT (there is always a but and not the nice hot guy in speedos kind of butt)

I made a mistake. I installed WordPress in some root directory magical and mysterious place that it should not have been so essentially I had two sites going at the same time, though you couldn’t see the one unless you knew the root directory…  so fuck… it was like Frankensites gone mad.  You know, I still don’t even know what it all means, but I know that it was fucked up and wasn’t right.

Today I spent the majority of my morning trying to get the files moved and that site up. It seemed to be working (Thank you HostGator Customer Service! I know I am the biggest pain in the arse customer for calling nearly everyday for a week, but I love you!!! I do.  I really mean it. I love you and your customer service reps who have been putting up with me all week), but then it wasn’t…

So what was I going to do then?  Oye!  I made an executive decision seeing as I am the boss of this crazy train and I wacked it.  Yep…deleted the whole site and spent most of the day building from scratch. So now it’s up and running….again with all of it’s pieces in the right spot and happy happiness.

Now I want a gold star, a drink and a nap!