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Cape Ann Adventure

G. has been here for nearly two weeks and we’ve been having such a fun time!  Yesterday we decided to drive up the coast to the North Shore of Massachusetts to Cape Ann. It was foggy, but we didn’t care.  We were on an adventure!

For those of you that don’t know me, I spent some time working in Gloucester a few years ago.  I really fell in love with the town and sometimes wish I had gotten to stay there because the town is just lovely and the people are nice and friendly.  I ended up taking a job in Boston so I moved to a town that was a bit closer as a result.  I still miss Gloucester though.

So as we were driving around, I was thinking that maybe in the future we can move up there because I no longer work in Boston and no longer need to be close to the city!  What a thought!

Anyway…here are some photos of our adventure in Gloucester and Rockport, MA.

For anyone that’s never been to the area, I highly recommend it!  People are so nice on Cape Ann, the scenery is amazing and the prices of food and what not is completely reasonable.


G. at the Fisherman’s Memorial Gloucester, MA

View of the rocks in Gloucester
Beacon Marine, East Gloucester Harbor
View of some boats in the harbor
Nils Beach on Cape Ann

Travel on 20 dollars a day

A church in Rockport, MA
Cool looking Blue Gate in Rockport
Building in Rockport, MA

Main St Gloucester, MA

Travel on 20 dollars a day 

Shop called Wicked Peacock, Rockport MA
View from the street in Rockport, MA
G. in Rockport

Travel on 20 dollars a day

Another view from the street in Rockport

From the car, a view of the Atlantic Ocean


G. walking down the street in Rockport

An old building in Gloucester, MA

Foggy view in Rockport
Water and Fog, Rockport

Pier with Fog
More water and fog

Good Dog Gallery, Rockport

Travel on 20 dollars a day