Adventures of a Curly Girl

What shall she get up to today?

Calm Before The Storm

Sunday, Fun-Day!!

So I got up early this morning and the cats were waiting for me in the kitchen.  Sunday’s are wetfood day for them and like clockwork, they were waiting.  It’s hard to believe that people think cats are stupid. They know the sound of a cat food can being placed on the counter and the swoosh of the lid when I tear it off.  They know the clink and clatter when I get out the little glass dishes I serve their food in and put them on the counter.  Cats are not stupid in the least.  They just choose to pay attention to things when it suits them.  They are very discerning little creatures.

Five Very Happy Felines

Anyway, so I gave them their wet food treat and then I started puttering about the house.  I’m doing some laundry and I cleaned up the bedroom a bit.  Eventually I’ll make my way to the couch and finish knitting G’s scarf cause I’m on the homestretch with it and cannot wait for it to be finished.  He is gonna love it. 

Now I was looking at my schedule for my part time job and shaking my head because I’m on the schedule for nearly 30 hours this week.  It’s the holidays and retail so it’s not that surprising.  I’m just so used to setting my own schedule that when I actually HAVE a schedule like this, I shake my head. This is the calm before the storm.

Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate the money and the job.  I really do enjoy working in retail, but the rush of holiday shoppers and the craziness that ensues is NOT my idea of fun.  The one thing that made me quit retail years ago was holiday shopping and the rude assed people shoving and pushing and destroying my shop all for a 5 dollar teeshirt.

Stop Yur Shoving!  IT’s just a FIVE DOLLAR TEESHIRT!!

See, I used to be in retail management years ago and I remember that for several years, I would get maybe 2 days off between the first of November and the end of the year.  Guess what days I got off?  If you guessed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, then you guessed correct. Two days off!  I remember missing holiday parties and family gatherings because I was always working.  In fact, most days were 10 hours or longer because our part-time help was always calling out sick and as a manager, we had to have coverage.

Anyway…I have the rest of the day off today before the week starts. I am definitely thankful for that.

And I beg and plead with you my readers to stay home on Black Friday.  Stay home!!  Shop in your PJ’s on the internet!!  There are heaps more deals online and they don’t run out of stuff like they always do in the store!!

Here are some good deals and ideas for at home holiday shopping!

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