Adventures of a Curly Girl

What shall she get up to today?

Are You A Morning Person?

Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz… how it used to start. Everyday at 5:30AM,  I would be startled awake by what can only be described as the devil’s horn.  I’d always hit the snooze at least 3 times too because I was never ready to wake up back then.

Once the time started to creep into the 6’s, I’d have to succumb to the pressure of that alarm and drag myself out of bed. My body would ache and my joints would slowly start to pop back into place as I stripped and got into the shower.  The warm shower would soothe me awake, gently washing away my tiredness and urging me to get moving. When I got out of the shower, then I’d finally start moving a bit quicker because I knew I was on a time clock.  If I wanted to eat breakfast, I’d have to speed away brushing my teeth, putting on my make-up and getting dressed.  Finally, after a big push of a rush, I’d launch myself downstairs, check the clock, cringe at the time and grab something for breakfast that I could eat in the car.

I’d eventually make it out to my car and pray that there was nothing going on with the Boston traffic because if there was, I’d definitely be late to work. I used to hope and pray I wasn’t late because even if I was late and it was because of traffic, I’d still get into trouble.  So I’d scarf my breakfast down in the car and thank my lucky stars that the traffic wasn’t too shitty and there would be no accidents along my commute into Boston.

When I finally did make it into work, I’d usually check in, start my work and be tired by 10 AM, wishing I could go home…..

The previous scenario used to play out 5 mornings a week in my life.  For years, I thought I wasn’t a morning person.  Today, my mornings look very different.

Today I got up at about 6:30 AM.  I went and made a juice, fed the cats, did the dishes and started writing.  Yesterday I was up at 4:30 AM so I read a little bit, then started writing at about 8 AM.  Writing, tweaking the websites, writing email or messaging people on social media, reading and learning are all now part of my normal work day.  I’m having fun too!  That’s the best part of my life now.  My work is fun and I never run out cool stuff to work on like a blog post, an interview, or a book. It’s so plush!

I no longer wake up to an alarm, but to my own biological clock instead. I no longer have to rush to get ready or any of that.  I can work when I want to work and my work inspires me which is why I cannot wait to get up in the morning and get started. It’s such a wonderful thing to finally be living my life with passion and purpose.  I used to think people were crazy when they said shit like that, but now I totally get it.

Purpose + Passion = Happy Life!

And it just so turns out I am a morning person.